Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kansas Sampler Festival Orientation - 27 October 2009

The Kansas Sampler Festival Steering Committee for Leavenworth County will host an orientation for the Kansas Sampler Festival on 27 October 2009 at the Riverfront Community Center at 10:00. We will discuss many topics including basic information about Leavenworth County, the big idea behind the festival, and registration procedures. We will have two lunch options. One option includes a trolley tour of Leavenworth and a box lunch. The second option for lunch is lunch on your own at one of Leavenworth's family owned restaurants. After lunch we will travel to Ray Miller Park via a trolley and walk Ray Miller Park. The map depicts the initial layout concept for Ray Miller Park.
The weekend was perfect at The First City Festival here in Leavenworth.
Lots of fun, food, and entertainment. Hope many of you came and enjoyed. If you didn't plan on it for next year.

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